Okay, so I’m the first to admit I’ve been in a funk for the last few days… chalk it up to PMS. I was weepy, feeling sorry for myself, and basically feeling down about the whole weight loss thing. Today, I dragged myself to yoga class (after walking an extra few blocks to the bank and back) and HOLY CRAP, y’all. I OWNED that yoga class. There were a few moments where I was a bit frustrated at not being able to do simple stuff most people can do (I have … um… folds of fat that get in the way for some of the poses), but all in all, it was hard, it hurt, and I did it! Guys, I did an awesome TREE pose! (that’s the one that always kicks my ass). I still can’t even pretend to do the tree on my left foot, but damn if I didn’t hold that right foot one until it was time to come out of it!

This is what full tree pose looks like.

I did not look up, for the record. And my foot rests with the heel just under the opposite knee, because I’m just not that flexible. But I did not fall over once, and I’m insanely proud of that. So I was finding this class a bit more difficult than usual, and I was wondering why… after everyone else left (it takes me longer to get my stuff together after class), the instructor told me that I seemed a bit to limber and chipper leaving class last week, so she stepped up the intensity a bit. Damn. That means it wasn’t ME! It was the WORKOUT!!!! 😀 That left me feeling pretty awesome too 🙂

My first appointment with her (as a trainer)? It’s TOMORROW. I am so excited! We did a quick look-see in the gym before I came back to the office, and I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this. (note to self: remember your spare sneakers)

Oh, and I can knit what I want again 😀 I finished Kimery’s cowl last night. I actually would have knit another couple of rows, but my stupid circs popped off the cable. *sigh* I don’t think I’m much harder on my circs than anyone else, but this is the FOURTH set that’s popped on me. I’m rethinking getting myself a set… I may just follow the Harlot into the land of straights and DPNs. I managed to rescue what I had and bind off, which left me a teeny ball of leftovers (but they were leftover from the mittens anyway, so the cowl is a full two balls and a tiny bit extra). I noticed one thing I messed up though, which was probably making it harder to knit. I DOUBLE twisted when I cast on, so I’ve got a mobius cowl that twists twice. Not a big deal, and it still looks great. I can’t wait to give it to her!

Now I can get back to my one-row scarf and finish that one, and I can get back to putting the blankets together! (poor Rob, he’s getting worried that it still won’t be done when he arrives). The Diagonal Rib scarf requires a bit more concentration, so I think the one-row is going to become my go-to pattern for plain vanilla knitting. It’s one row. And it’s easy to tell where in the four-stitch combination you’re at. I can pick it up and put it down at any point and still be okay. (oh, and speaking of the Harlot… I found out she’s COMING! HERE! To Janie’s!!!! I am so excited I could spit! (but I won’t. I’ll just sign up for all the classes she’s teaching. She’s here for THREE DAYS!!!!)

Shavasana 🙂