I feel like crap right now (got a sinus infection, joy) and I’m tired, and things are a bit up in the air in several areas of my life (most of them financial), but then I saw this, and it made me so happy, I cried.

This guy started traveling in 2003, and filming his friends and himself dancing in odd spots. Then he started getting other people to dance, and nine years later, this is what he’s up to (his name is Matt Harding, and his site is called “Where the hell is Matt?

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you guys, since it made me really happy, and I figured it might do the same for one or two of you.

Things that make me happy: picking and/or eating something I grew myself (hasn’t happened in a long time), reading a book I can lose myself in, movies that make me forget time passing, watching my kids discover something amazing, closing my eyes and savoring something that tastes awesome, holding hands with Rob for no reason, hugs, laughing with my friends until we’re all about ready to puke, singing, dancing with a baby in my arms, seeing a shelf full of jars of things I made, watching someone enjoy something I cooked/knit/made for them, stretching out in crisp, clean sheets, smelling fresh-mown grass, seeing the water trickle or roar over the rocks at the dam on my way home.

What are your happy triggers?