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Hi all, sorry for the abrupt shift. I was getting a bit frustrated with Blogger’s limitations in the commenting department (and apparently inability to interact with Pinterest). Several of you have told me you’re unable to comment on the blog, and that kind of sucks, because it’s my only means of feedback!

I’ve been looking into switching over to WordPress for a while now, and my impotent rage at not being able to figure out how to add the Pinterest widget finally did it. 



(wow! big pictures are POSSIBLE with WordPress!!! SWEET!) I promise not to do that too often 🙂

So I mentioned on Monday or Tuesday (I’m not even sure what day it is right now) that there were things in the works, fitness-wise. There are. I mentioned the trip to Maine when I reach 240. Well, I did the math… okay, Google Maps did the math. And the resort in Kennebunkport is exactly 410 miles from my front door. So I added this nifty little ticker (patience, I’m still moving everything over) up top there, that tracks how much of that 410 miles I have walked or cycled thus far 🙂 Rob’s kind of doing this as well, except he’s mainly cycling and is doing the 867 miles to my house from his. He’s in better shape and he has a bike he can use daily, he gets to go twice as far. 


Picture this, but with two wheels in the back, a cargo box behind the seat, and under-the-seat steering and brakes and you’ll just about have it.

I also joined a yoga class and had my first session on Wednesday. I was going to write about it yesterday, but I was sore and zombie-like from lack of sleep. I had signed up for a “gentle” yoga class, which, due to low registration, was looking like it would be cancelled. SO I transferred into a regular Hatha yoga class and went to my first session. I loved it, and I hated it. BRUTAL. I was sitting there (not really) in Downward Dog, cursing my stupidity and my pathetic weak arms, wondering what the hell I’d been thinking. But I’m really glad I did it, because I really do love yoga, and it was awesome. SORE afterwards, yeah, but I did it. 


I’m looking forward to heading to my parents’ house on Sunday so I can get a swim in! Can’t log the swim against the total mileage, but it’s good exercise anyway, and I love swimming. I haven’t gotten any jam (or anything else) made this week, because I’ve been trying to recover from the trip to Chicago – including the insane run home – and get the kids ready for summer school and camp.

I brought five or six knitting projects to Chicago with me and didn’t touch them at all. I’ve missed the last two knit nights because I was out of town, and I’m going to be missing tonight’s because I’m driving Skye to the campsite where her grandmother’s family camps each summer (it’s about 2 hours each way). I miss my knitting, but hopefully I’ll be able to go with Kari and Sue to record Two Tangled Skeins’ podcast tomorrow.

Here’s hoping the move will be a smooth one. Please remember that if you follow this blog, you’ll need to update your RSS feed – and hey, COMMENT! 🙂 It should work now!