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Last Sunday, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. Technically, her birthday isn’t until next Thursday, but my parents were leaving for a trip yesterday, and they didn’t want to miss it. My ex and I discussed it, and we (he) decided that she was old enough and responsible enough to get her ears pierced. Finally. She’s been begging for years. I’m the mean mom who wouldn’t let her do it earlier because, quite frankly, piercings squick me out, and I didn’t want to have to deal with cleaning it, etc. 

So after a few mishaps (going to a piercing place that won’t even consider doing kids under 14 and forgetting my ID) we walked into Claire’s, filled out our forms, and I got in line to choose her earrings and pay for a small purse I was getting her. Another young girl queued up behind me, quiet as a mouse and very polite. An older lady came up to me and asked if I was waiting for someone. I said yes, and thinking nothing of it, continued waiting. As soon as the cashier reappeared, this older woman reached RIGHT across me to plop her items down in front of the cash. The cashier kind of got this deer in the headlights look and just started ringing the lady’s stuff through.

I turned to my mom, who was standing next to me, and exclaimed, “Well THAT was rude!” The older lady looked at me and said, “No, I was not rude.”

“Yes, actually, you are being rude. I was waiting to pay for something!”

Said woman starts scrambling around in her purse for enough change for her purchase. SO let me get this straight. It’s not only okay for you to jump the TWO-PERSON QUEUE, but now you’re going to hold us up so you can get rid of your change too?? She made a few more snarky comments about us to the cashier, and then apologized to her for MY rudeness (the mind boggles…) and walked away. 

The cashier, once the woman had walked away, looked at me sheepishly and said she wasn’t sure how to handle that. I told her that she had done nothing wrong. It’s not her fault some people behave like they were raised in a barn 😉 I mean… really, what could she have done? Had she refused to serve the other lady before me, she might have lost a sale. As it is, I’m just left rolling my eyes at the absolute rudeness of someone who considers themselves more important than the other people in the shop and attacks when confronted with their own bad behavior. I mean… when did we stop treating each other decently? When did politeness become a rarity rather than the norm? I know that queue-jumping is nothing new, but that and other forms of basic rudeness are becoming more common and, dare I say it, even prevalent in our society.

My daughter, fortunately, got her ears pierced without further incident, and loves her new earrings. I’m still a bit squicked out, but she’s doing well cleaning them thoroughly on her own, and I haven’t had to touch them or anything (although I could TOTALLY feel it against my arm when she fell asleep on me the other day… YUCK.)Image