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It was a busy weekend 🙂 I will preface this entry by saying, I know I was supposed to go to the gym on Saturday or Sunday, but arthritis kicked my ass to the curb this weekend and I was in a lot of pain 😦 Boo, hiss. However, the scale is right where it should be, and I’m pretty pleased so far. I wlll be going to the gym before picking up the 11 year old (who will be 12 years old on Thursday) today!

Friday was pretty uneventful. I went to work, I went to Temple, I went to knit night – and had some pretty amazing Thai food in the interim! If you’re ever in the Ottawa area – or if you live here – head to Silver Spoon Thai Cuisine on Carling Avenue. SOOO good, very reasonably priced, and the service is amazing. I cast on Rob’s plain 2×2 rib socks at knit night and managed to get two rows in before we got booted out at closing time. They’re plain black out of Cascade Heritage fingering on 2.5mm (US 1 1/2) needles.

Saturday was a bit more fun. I went out with Kari and Sue to record the podiversary episode of Two Tangled Skeins – ONE YEAR! I was actually on camera for this episode, so head over and check it out! My finished socks made an appearance too. I woke up REALLY early on Saturday for some reason, but I had left my knitting in the car, and didn’t want to run down to get it. I also didn’t want to wake the kids, so I brought the laptop out to my room and cast on a new sock. I may have a mild case of startitis. The new pair is out of Bernat Sox in the Wooded Denim colourway, which is more of a sport weight, and 60% Acrylic, 40% Nylon (SO SQUISHY) on 3.25mm (US 3) needles. Because of the larger needles and heavier yarn, I cast on 48 stitches and they fit perfectly (Okay… let’s tell the truth. At first, I had cast on 66 stitches, got through the cuff and a few rows of the leg, and I could have fit both feet in there… still got it all reknit that day!). I’m done the gusset decreases and onto the foot now. These are FAST, and I love it!

Sue’s husband Shawn got a smoker for his birthday last week, and he was experimenting with it when we got there. We ended up having smoked chicken and ribs for dinner, and they were AMAZINGLY delicious. I think I see a small smokehouse in my distant future. Oh, and the cucumbers fresh from the garden? YUM. I wish I had a bigger canning pot so I could consider doing quart jars of pickles. My parents always made pickles when I was a kid, but they never processed them in a water bath. They were occasionally fizzy though, which I’d like to avoid if possible.

I was meant to go to Kari’s to do some canning on Saturday evening, but as I said, my legs were kicking my ass (imagine the contortions necessary!) So instead, I went home, got to bed early and got up early the next morning to get started on the jam! I didn’t take any pictures this time around because I was just trying to get it done (it was SO HOT). I started with pineapple jam (doubled the fruit and pectin, but kept the same amount of sugar and it was so much better!), then moved on to Vanilla Rhubarb jam – I forgot the vanilla beans at home though, so they’re not very vanilla-y. Then I did a large batch of Strawberry Rhubarb that is just divine (had some with naan and brie for lunch). This was my first time doing a plain rhubarb jam, and I have to admit, I love it! It’s even better than the Blueberry Rhubarb Freezer jam I did last year. Kari got a jar of that one for her brother, who is apparently a rhubarb fiend, but the rest came home with me 🙂 (It’s not a raw deal for her, she gets containers full in the fridge and a few tiny jars to pass around or use up as she wishes). 

So after going home with my spoils, I picked up the kids and we went to see… 

ImageDespicable Me 2!! It was every bit as funny and amazing as the first one. I love Steve Carell, and he really shines in these films. The kids loved it, and so did I. I get the feeling this will be one of our favorite DVDs when it finally comes out. Poor teenager wanted to see Elysium, but that’s not the sort of movie I’d take his sister to, so I told him he’d have to wait. And the movie popcorn made me realize that I’m going to have to start making better use of my air popper at home. Popcorn is SO good! And I want to start playing around with flavorings, since popcorn is actually one of the healthier snacks I could make/eat. 

So after all that, it’s back to work and I have a pile of stuff to do before I take off next week for Stitches Midwest! I’m so looking forward to that! Especially looking forward to seeing Rob, since Saturday was our 3 year anniversary. The goofball sent me 3 long-stemmed roses at work today. 🙂 I love him!


No, these aren’t the ones he sent, but it’s the same arrangement.