A bad blogger am I. But I have an excuse. Really! Things have been a bit nutty with the countdown to Stitches Midwest, and I’ve been busy cleaning, doing laundry, packing, prepping food, getting the oil changed in the car, etc. So many little things to do in order to get ready for this trip.

I’ll admit it. I did start a blog post last week. I started one on Wednesday, started another one on Thursday, thought about starting one on Friday, and then I gave up. Because I simply had nothing to say. I got my knitting mojo back, so I’ve sort of been doing that instead. I also didn’t can a single thing this past weekend, because I was just worn out. (Kari, on the other hand, apparently made all kinds of pickles – and now owes me a case of jars!)

I actually went out to TWO knit nights last week. I got to see my Thursday night gals in Hull for the first time in a REALLY long while, and I had missed them so much: Pascale, who is always a ray of sunshine, and who is good at every single thing she puts her hand to; Ilze, who inspires us all with her gift for knitting things that most of us would balk at (and she does it without effort!); Marie-Philippe, who has started yet ANOTHER sweater for herself; and Jen – for whom I am crossing every possible appendage! You ladies are awesome, and I need to spend more time with you all!

And then Friday, I was out for my regular knit night. Too tired to go to the pub afterward, too tired to do much other than show up to record the podcast on Saturday (and yes, I’m on camera again…). I’ve been slowly making my way through the last season of Doctor Who and relaxing as much as I can. I think my body senses the impending autumn, and therefore, the return to school for the kids, my return to school, and the loss of my evenings at home. 

The food is all packed, the drinks are purchased, my passport is in the car, and I just need to exchange for some American cash, and we’re ready to go. Blogging is likely to be sporadic while I’m gone (just like when I’m at home!) but I’ll be back late Sunday night with lots of tales from the Knitting “Con”. See you soon!