So I posted on a yahoo article (which I almost never do, because what’s the point?). It was a light fluff piece about a woman who had some indecision a few days after her daughter was born regarding the name she and her husband had chosen. People were ranting and raving about “how is this news?” and “why is this blight tainting my news feed?” and crap like that.Β 

My post consisted of “guys, it’s JUST a blog post. Click through and move on if you don’t like it. I at least thought it was well-written.” Basically a “get over yourselves and move on” sort of thing.

I got this reply:

You are retarded Lynne. There is nothing positive about this story. You must be an idiot if you think anything other than that. Oh wait, you are a woman so you must be retarded. Let the men do the thinking for you. Β ~ Garrett


Wow Garrett…. I’m … um…. completely floored that you were that offended by my comment. You must be quite an unhappy guy if a few words can send you into that kind of tantrum. I must be retarded because I’m a woman? Let the men do the thinking for me? Buddy…. you’re not even worth the effort of replying to.

Lesson learned though, this is why I don’t comment on articles on the internet πŸ˜‰ Because my comments will mean nothing, and all I’ll get back is mean-spirited inanity. (Do you know what inanity means, Garrett? I know it’s a big word…) I’m pretty sure Garrett is single and living in his mom’s basement, but maybe we can all chip in and buy him a dictionary πŸ˜‰

I let men kill scary bugs for me, or change the oil in my car (cause I don’t like crawling under there, and it’s dirty). But I’ll continue to do my own thinking, thanks πŸ™‚ Since I seem to be considerably better at it than Garrett…