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Okay, the thumb is feeling slightly better (although it still looks gross), so I’ll try to give you a glimpse at our trip to the Catskills.

Rob had a meeting in Ste-Thérèse first thing on Wednesday morning, so we got the kids up at stupid o’clock in the morning, busted our asses to get there on time, and promptly got lost in Laval. *sigh* The GPS (a TomTom) didn’t recognize the name Ste Thérèse, so while it found the street address, it found it in the wrong town. After much fussing and phoning around (thank you, Directory Assistance, for sending me to an auto parts store and then charging me for your mistake), we found the place, dropped him off, and headed into the city. The kids and I spent most of the day at the Montreal Science Centre, and we had a blast! Their shark exhibit was amazing 🙂 

ImageThen we picked Rob up and drove down to the Jewish Quarter (I have no idea what the Jewish neighborhood is actually called, but that sounded good to me). Rob has been wanting to visit Schwartz’s Deli for a long time. And we finally went! They have the best, thick-cut, mouth-watering smoked meat sandwiches I’ve ever had! And I’ve had some smoked meat sandwiches!



After that, we hit the road for parts unknown (I’ve never spent much time IN Montreal, let alone in the surrounding areas). We crossed an enormous bridge, argued about how far away the border was, and got going. Upon arrival at the border, we discovered that when we got back from Chicago, Kari took my passport and left hers in the car. Um…. oops? Fortunately, we had an awesome border guard who was willing to let me in with a driver’s license.

We rented a small two-bedroom cabin from the lovely folks at Simpler Times Cabins in Phoenicia, NY. Susan and Vince are retired and do this to keep themselves busy. Their property and the cabins are very well-maintained and we had a really awesome little place. Our cabin is the bigger one on the left (two bedrooms). I had to learn to cook on a gas stove, but it was a pretty short learning curve 🙂  Their rates are awesome. If you’re thinking about a nice quiet vacation, I highly recommend these guys! We also found this awesome farm stand that is open 24/7 (NO KIDDING!) We got all local produce (OMG the apples…) and got almost everything we ate at the cabin from them. The only thing that wasn’t from the area was the orange juice 😉



While we were there, we had dinner at the amazing American Glory BBQ in Hudson, NY, (Word of advice, do NOT trust a TomTom’s directions to this place… it will send you down dark alleys and such, directing you to the back door to the kitchen… just go down the main drag in town, Warren Street, and you’ll find it). We checked out a mini-putt and go-kart place we found by accident after our first attempt at hitting a water park failed (Note to self: Make EVERYONE try on their bathing suits before leaving the house!). Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it, and they don’t seem to have a web presence. I’ll see if Rob remembers the name. 

One of the main attractions for us was the Zoom Flume Water Park in East Durham, NY. It’s literally in the middle of NOWHERE. You have to go down all these twisty mountain roads to find it, and then it’s just THERE. And it’s pretty impressive 🙂 I’ll admit though that the Lazy River and the wave pool are pretty much the extent of my water park adventures. I tried to go on a couple of other rides, and I did not like them one bit. NOT. ONE. BIT. I’m not a water park person. GIve me a lake to swim in and leave me be. 😉 But everyone else had fun, so I count it as a good day (and I got to play with Rob in the wave pool which was actually a lot of fun).


The other reason I wanted to take this trip was to visit the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. I had made arrangements to send Rob and his son up for a biplane ride. Rob was a bit apprehensive, but overall enjoyed himself very much. The biplane ride was his 3rd anniversary present 😉 The boys geeked out on antique planes, cars and engines for most of the day and we all very much enjoyed the airshow. I managed to finish my socks! If you’re in the area for any reason (Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool ladies, listen up!), it is well worth taking the afternoon to go check out the aerodrome. It’s roughly 5 miles from the Dutchess County Fairgrounds (where S&W is held) and the air shows run Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm 🙂 



We also ate at Brio’s in Phoenicia and I had the best softshell crab ever; and we ate at Fatboys BBQ (my favorite restaurant here in Ottawa. The boys enjoyed fishing in Esopus Creek (right outside the cabin!) and we were all pretty much worn out when we got home. We’re definitely planning on going back (I’d like to rent the same cabin) and seeing some of the other things there are to see and do in the area (we didn’t even scratch the surface). So that’s what I did on my summer vacation 🙂 What did you all do this year?