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So as pretty much everyone in North America knows, this is back to school time.  And I’m sure most of you know how stressful this can be. It’s especially stressful in a household with one parent and three people going to school 🙂 

ImageSkye is starting grade 6 this year, and is already planning what to wear to graduation at the end of the year. *sigh* She definitely doesn’t take after me. She’s also determined to be a lot more organized this year, so I’m trying to purge as much crap from our house as I can to help her along in that. Kid owns more clothes than the rest of us put together. Seriously!

Zachary is officially in high school now. Although in Quebec, “high school” encompasses grades 7 and 8, he’s in an English school system that mimics the rest of Canada, so now that he’s starting grade 9, he’s officially a high school student. I’m not quite sure how this happened. I’m not old enough to have a high school kid. My mom was 43 when I started high school… I’m not even 40 yet! (granted, my mom started having kids at 30… I was 23)

Supplies are more expensive in high school… scientific calculators, heavy-duty binders, etc. And she’s starting to require actually fashionable clothes. Ugh. And this year, we’ve added alarm clocks to the regime. Should be interesting! 

But that’s not all. I just started my classes up again as well. For some reason, I had it in my head that I was taking “Grammaire normative pour les langagiers” but it turns out that I took “Outils informatiques pour langagiers”. I can’t tell you what a let-down this is 😦 I was so looking forward to getting into a meaty, challenging class… and instead, I’m stuck in a class with a professor who is a great fan of reading off powerpoint presentations (which are projected onto the wall anyway). I just about gouged my eyes out during this week’s class. I am optimistic, however, that I will learn a lot of useful stuff in this class (and it’s a required core class for my degree anyway). 

And to add to the fun… my boss has asked me to start taking accounting classes at the local community college. SO I’ve signed up for that as well (it doesn’t start until October, thank goodness!). This means I’ll not only be pursuing a bachelors’ degree in Translation, but also a 2-year community college diploma in Financial Accounting (not sure what other kinds there are, but that’s the name of the diploma). 

ImageI’m feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed, and we’ve barely even started! I know I need to work on clearing the house out now, before I get inundated with assignments and volunteer stuff (did I mention? I volunteered to be the Scholastic coordinator for Skye’s class… what is wrong with me?).

In the meantime, I haven’t been to knit night in almost a month, and I miss my friends! I’ve also been feeling melancholy and missing Rob a lot this past week. I think it’s a combination of having way too much going on, and the fact that we’ve been spoiled with seeing each other so often this summer. On the plus side, getting organized now will help us all with school this year, and maybe we’ll be able to start having leisure activities again 🙂 

What’s your trick to getting ready for back-to-school? I kind of sabotaged myself this year by planning the trip to the Catskills for the week before we all started school again! Leave a note in the comments about your prep for this fall 🙂


Next entry… butternut squash soup!