I’ve been meaning to post since the day after my last blog post, but… well, I’ve been extremely tired and haven’t had much to say. The Tuesday night university classes are KILLING me. I’ve got so much apprehension about the long day that I don’t sleep well on Mondays, and then of course I don’t get enough sleep on Tuesday, which makes me a zombie on Wednesday…. I feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up. 

This past week, I have begun the epic cleaning that will hopefully purge my apartment of all its excess STUFF. I have new shelves to put up (which I bought from my friend Kari, and her dad built them, so they’re solid – Thanks Dad!). I have an older shelf to put together. I have the beginnings of a plan for more storage space in the house. I also have lost all patience for the amount of sheer CRAP in my house, and it’s got to go. I already have a big pile of stuff to give to charity, so I’m planning on getting it all down into the car so I can drop it off somewhere. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am never going to cross-stitch again, so what’s the point of keeping 16 square feet worth of supplies? (any cross-stitch friends who want to peruse what I have, let me know and I’ll make a list. I have TONS of leaflets, magazines and pattern books). I may keep a very few supplies just in case the urge strikes, or if my kids want to try it, but the majority of it definitely has to go. 

Tonight’s goal is to get the back room clean enough that there’s nothing on the floor that shouldn’t be, and I can raise and lower the treadmill whenever I want (that way, I have no excuse to use it! Nor will I have to say no to the 12-year-old who desperately wants to use it too). 

Very little knitting has been done since last weekend. I just haven’t been into it. Granted, I have been cooking almost nonstop. Vegetable soup, Cabbage soup at my mom’s, pumpkins being roasted, etc. That, and the big school project was due on Tuesday. That kind of burned me out too. I’ve started my Accounting class, which is super-exciting 🙂 I’m basically doing a big house-cleaning in all areas of my life 🙂 Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, which means Rob will be driving up. He has a ton of things he wants to get done while he’s here as well, so I imagine we’ll be running around a lot. 

Sorry, I still haven’t found the camera charger (one of the many reasons I’ve decided to do a massive cleanup). It’s around somewhere. *sigh* Maybe if I check my lottery tickets, I’ll discover I’ve won a ridiculous amount of money and I can afford some more furniture (read: cupboards) to help organize us better.