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As you all know, last week was spent in a feverish pitch to get ready for Rhinebeck! My washing machine has been rendered unusable (apparently it’s leaking into the apartment below). I was thrilled on Friday when the landlord said the leak had been repaired! I couldn’t do laundry for the trip, but I’d be able to wash ALL THE THINGS when I came home. The plumber was supposed to come and take care of the bathtub faucet leak while I was gone (it’s been leaking for over a year). I did get my new stove though!Β 

So Rhinebeck was awesome! Elizabeth and Kari met me at the office, and we made a brief pit-stop for gas, and then we were on the road! We stopped for dinner at Crazy Otto’s Empire Grill in Harkimer again – almost completely by accident! It ended up being where I needed to stop for gas, and Kari made the connection with the town name. I asked for directions to the diner at the gas station, and all was well πŸ™‚ We arrived at the hotel around 11pm and almost immediately passed out. Saturday morning dawned bright and ridiculously early, we had breakfast and drove over to the festival. The traffic was NOTHING like I experienced last year. It was so much easier to get in! And so much fun was had πŸ™‚Β 

If you’ve never had the chance to experience Bittersweet Woolery‘s amazing yarn, do yourself a favor and get some. I am so in love with the Guilty Pleasures sock base that I haven’t bought ANYTHING ELSE of hers. I did enable Kari and Elizabeth to spend most of their yarn budget in her booth though πŸ˜‰ They bought sparkly stuff galore. (See Tina, I told you I’d be pimping your stuff to anyone who would listen!) My camera is still out of commission, so I can’t show you the gorgeous tonal pink skein I bought (Pressed Petals, if you want to check it out in her slide show). I also picked up a skein of green (can’t remember the colorway name) for Sue, who couldn’t join us this year. I also bought myself two skeins of the loveliest, softest cotton I’ve ever put my hands on (500 yards of sport weight for $6/skein!?! I’ll post the name of the farm it came from when I get the label). Sue also got a basket (it’s not a bag, Shawn!) I may buy myself one next year if I can find a home for it where the cats won’t attack it. We went back the next day to hit Miss Babs (too crazy on Saturday), Bittersweet Woolery again, and Elizabeth wanted a basket too πŸ™‚ We even got to see the biplane Rob and his son went up in as it flew over us!

We left Rhinebeck around 2pm on Saturday, and drove out to look at the cabins where Rob and I stayed this summer (possible accommodations for Rhinebeck next year!) and then I took the girls up to Woodstock (after going in completely the wrong direction for 30 minutes first! It’s okay, Kari had a nap.) We parked near the weekend flea market, hit the Tea Shop and the flea market, and then walked the village from one end to the other. We had dinner at Joshua’s Cafe, and the food was amazing. The girls had mimosas and it was all very fancy! While they have a very extensive general menu, their vegetarian and vegan offerings sealed the deal, and we all left very stuffed and very happy.Β 

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, partly due to the fact that it took an hour for our breakfast to reach our table after we ordered it (meh… just means we were meant to slow down a bit and not rush home). We did another quick tour of the festival, we were stalked by the Yarn Harlot, and we spent the last of our money on sparkly things, just like magpies πŸ˜‰ The drive home was pretty uneventful. We ate at a rest stop (the Dunkin Donuts Angus & egg sandwich thingie looked amazing, but it was SO disgusting! The bread was buttered on the OUTSIDE!!!! I ended up picking the meat & dry, crumbly egg out and tossing the bread). The girls were smarter and picked up some veggies & hummus.Β 

I was sick as a dog on Monday morning, and ended up staying home (thus no blog post, I slept almost all day and then went to bed early). Yesterday was spent in an accounting and midterm frenzy as I caught up on everything I missed. This morning, I decided to run the washing machine empty with some vinegar to clean out any residue from the repairs and… immediately got a text from the landlord saying that something was leaking downstairs – was I running anything? *sigh* It’s been a week. I don’t know about you guys, but I have two teenagers (well, one teen and one tween who has more clothing than the rest of us put together). I can’t go a week or more without being able to do laundry! I guess I get to hit the laundromat tonight :/ bleh.Β 

So if you get the chance next year, come see us at Rhinebeck! We did miss the podcasters’ meetup this year, and I apologize for that. We lost track of time *blush* But someone did come up to me and say, “Hey, hand, how’s it going?” I tried to tell her that Kari was in the booth right behind me, but by the time I finished the sentence, she was gone into the crowd. It’s worth a visit, even if you’re not a rabid knitter. The cider donuts and cold cider (and omg the fresh apples!) are reason enough to head for the Catskills in the autumn!Β