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As I sit here on a dreary Friday afternoon, the first few snowflakes are dancing lazily on the wind outside my office window. I’m not ready for this, not by a long shot. But I think my body has been trying to hint to me that yes, yes winter is indeed coming. (Yes, I know this is some kind of pop culture thing, but I want to read the books before I watch the series, so SHUSH.)

I’m actually not feeling well enough to go to knit night tonight. That’s a big deal for me. I LIVE for knit nights. But my stomach is a bit wonky – it’s not exactly UPSET, but it’s not exactly PLEASED with me either. I’ve barely eaten today, and all I want to do is drink as much water as it will take to make me feel a bit happier… and sleep. Oh boy, could I go for a nap right now. I think I could sleep until Sunday. And I might 😉

I had the irresistible urge yesterday to cast on socks. SOCKS. I don’t even WEAR knit socks. My feet get too hot. But my brain was fixated on all the lovely sock yarn I have, and kept screaming at me to cast them on, and so I now have half a sock on the needles (I’m already at the heel flap – the advantage of liking short socks!). I’m using a skein of Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn in the Rainforest colourway – gorgeous greys and aquas and greens. I may not wear knit socks right now, but we’ll see how I feel about that in January when it’s ridiculously cold outside and my Bogg boots aren’t quite keeping me warm anymore. In any case, I like knitting socks. I’m making up the pattern as I go along, so we’ll see how they turn out. I don’t actually use sock patterns, as a general rule, since I don’t like the socks to be more than ankle-height. Fortunately, the Yarn Harlot’s Grok the Sock class taught me to make them without a pattern. Seriously, if you get the chance to take this class, DO EET. (Yes, I am still crocheting granny squares as well… I just had an urge for some sock. You know, like eating hamburgers when all you want is something green and crunchy)

I also have the urge to make apple butter and fish soup. Not together. My cousin’s wife’s father (how’s that for a mouthful) apparently loves my apple butter to distraction, and I’m only too happy to put a batch together for him in the fall 🙂 Hey, anybody who loves ANYTHING I make to *distraction*? I am suddenly compelled to elicit that reaction as often as possible 🙂 As for the fish soup, I’ve been feeling a bit… wrung out? My digestive system is begging for a break from the red meat routine. And after spending a weekend eating NONE and feeling fantastic, and then coming home and feeling not-so-fantastic? It’s time 🙂 I love making soup. I love fish. SO I bought some lovely tilapia fillets, and I have a mess of Swiss chard, potatoes and onions that are going to find their way into a clamato-based soup some time this weekend.

I’m starting my shul-hopping assignment this weekend. I met with the rabbi of the Re-constructionist congregation last week, and she gave me a few assignments. Among them were to start attending services at as many different temples as I can in order to see how different congregations celebrate and worship. So this weekend, my friend Myriam and I are going to be attending services at Agudath Israel, one of the Conservative temples in Ottawa. This will be quite an experience, since my entire experience thus far has been with a very liberal Reform temple and I’m told that Agudath Israel is a VERY Conservative group. I can’t wait!

I also have some accounting homework to get done this weekend. I’m finding doing the two classes at once to be a bit draining, but that might also be the hibernation instinct kicking in. Until Daylight Savings Time kicks in, I get pretty lethargic as fall rolls in. Fortunately, we get to turn the clocks back this weekend. Don’t forget!

How are you prepping for the colder months ahead? Part of me wishes I could live the spring-summer part of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the fall-winter part in the Southern Hemisphere 😉 Heck of a commute though.