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It’s been a somewhat nutty week (what else is new?) and I’m just now finding time to sit down and write the post I had intended for last Wednesday or Thursday. Foodwise, it’s just been a lot of udon noodles and various additions this week, although I did make a lovely batch of apple butter on Saturday afternoon. It will be going into jars this evening (and maybe a batch of peach ginger jam will join it. Who knows?) Also in the plans for this week is a batch of ratatouille – we used to eat this all the time as kids, but minus the eggplant because my mom didn’t like it. I’m planning a batch WITH eggplant, and maybe a pint of it will find its way into a jar for my dad. My kids have never had this wondrous delicacy, and I’m anxious to see their reaction to it.


Not my pic, not my cooking.

That cabbage soup with sausage is also still to be made, mainly because I haven’t had time. I’m going to have to start my holiday baking sometime soon, although I don’t think I’ll be doing anywhere near as many cookies as I have in past years. Maybe I will. I don’t know yet. It mainly depends on whether I can keep the kids out of them once they’re cooled. Having teenagers really makes you rethink having large amounts of easily disposable food hanging around.

Knitting-wise, things have been CRAZY!!! Those socks I designed? They’re finished. AND they’re awesome. I wore them yesterday.


I may write up the pattern for these if there’s any interest.

Not the greatest pic, but my friend did what she could with her phone in a dark coffee shop 😉 (thank you, Sue!!!). I had so much of the skein left over that I immediately cast on a pair of Tanis LavallĂ©e’s Business Casual socks. I’m ready for the heel flap on the first sock, but I put them on hold to cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks (See the Yarn Harlot‘s formula in Knitting Rules) for my dad. He has had foot problems for years (diabetic) and his feet get really cold. So when I told him how warm my socks were, he asked if I’d mind knitting him a pair. I cast on yesterday morning, and I’m 3/4 of the way through the foot (top-down). They fit him perfectly, even when his foot is really swollen, and I’m doing them on size 3 needles with sport-weight yarn, so they’re going pretty fast – again, using up the 2nd half of the skein from the Bernat Sox I used for my last pair. I’m hoping to have those done by next weekend. I tried to look up the yarn to link to it, and it’s apparently discontinued. Which sucks. But at least I still have 2 1/2 more balls in my stash.

I’m scrambling to keep up with my coursework right now, but things are starting to slow down a bit at work, so hopefully that will help. I can’t remember if I talked about it in the blog, but I got a B on my midterm, which I was pretty thrilled about. Rob kept laughing at me because every few minutes, I’d sing out, “I got a B!!!!!” while we were talking LOL I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I did recently receive my first copy of a new magazine I subscribed to. It’s a fairly recently-started venture, and I have to say, I just love this magazine. It’s called Taproot, and it’s edited by one of the bloggers I follow religiously, Amanda Soule. This magazine isn’t just full of fantastic content (gardening, homesteading, how-to, grounding oneself, etc.), it’s so visually appealing, I couldn’t resist it. It also came with an awesome poster by the artist who designed the cover for this one! Grab yourself a copy if you can. Amanda and her team have put together a fantastic little publication.


Current issue of Taproot Magazine.

I put together a bookshelf in my front room this weekend. I’m hoping to be able to clean the front room out this week and maybe start the great book purge. I know… It sounds painful. But I really do have far too many books for our small space. I need to weed out the children’s picture books my kids have outgrown – I have a few friends who will be happy recipients. I also need to get rid of stuff I’m just not interested in reading. I’m trying to pare down the glut of stuff that fills every corner of our apartment in the hopes of making it somewhat more pleasant to live in, and to make packing easier when the time comes. And it is coming!

So I can live vicariously through the rest of you, what is everyone reading right now? I’m dying to get my hands on the Game of Thrones series, because I refuse to watch a single episode until I have finished the books.