Yes. No. 42. 1.77245385091….

I have been to see the doctor. And it was not a UTI as I suspected, but a rather long-lived kidney infection. In both kidneys. Ugh. I was in so much pain by the time I got there that I was having trouble not sobbing when she walked into the room. Kidney infections HURT. I am now hopped up on painkillers and a much happier camper. I take my first antibiotic at 8pm (so I can have a decently-reliable 12-hour spread where I’ll be awake for both ends). 

So she had me produce a urine sample and a vaginal swab (yay for self-swabbing, no uncomfortable apparatus required). They do their own labs there, so the response was pretty much immediate. She printed out the prescription. And then she looked a bit puzzled. Squinted at the screen, and asked me who I was seeing for my diabetes. Um… WHAT diabetes???? 

Yeah. Diabetes. Well fuck. That’s just fantastic. 

And the best part is? I did this to myself. Fifteen years ago when I got pregnant, I was a few pounds overweight, but not morbidly obese. By the end of the pregnancy? I was huge. And I have been huge ever since. And I have whined about how unhappy I am about being fat, and I have tried diets and exercise challenges, I tried going to the gym, and I didn’t have the wherewithal to stick with anything. So I stayed fat. And now, because I stayed fat, I am diabetic. 

There is a very remote possibility that the infection is producing sugar in my urine. But it’s pretty remote. Tomorrow, bright and early, I will head off to the lab to have some blood work done to see if we can pin down how serious this is. She’s not overly concerned because I’ve had no symptoms. It will be nice to be able to get some sleep tonight – I didn’t get any last night. And it will be nice to finally have an idea of how to treat things. Rather than just feel like crap and have no idea why. This wasn’t how I was hoping Monday would go. Let’s hope Tuesday dawns a little bit brighter.