I haven’t posted anything in a while, because I’ve been going through a rough patch, and I keep expecting it to get better, and then it doesn’t, and I don’t want to be one of those people who is constantly whining about their aches, pains and maladies. But a lot has been going on. 

One thing I didn’t post a single word about (because Rob reads my blog) was the surprise party that his friends and I were planning for his 50th birthday! I set out after work the Friday before Christmas in probably the snowiest storm I’ve ever seen, crawled along the highway for four hours until I hit Kingston (it’s normally 1 1/2 hours to the far side of Kingston for me). Then it was FOG everywhere. Fog so thick I don’t think I hit the speed limit on the highway ONCE the entire run. I hit the border around 2am (that’s 10 hours, folks… normally a 7 hour ride, maximum). I was supposed to stop at a hotel in Flint, but I didn’t have it in me. I stopped at the first hotel I saw in Port Huron, MI (the Days Inn – don’t stay there if you have a problem with smoke – there ARE NO NON SMOKING ROOMS – yuck). What can I say? It was cheap and I was desperate. Slept a few hours and then continued on the next morning. I arrived in Chicago just as freezing rain was starting (yay) to help Rob’s best friend Steve get things ready at the Chicago Curling Club. Steve’s a curler (although he plays with a hockey helmet on…) and it was pretty awesome. I even met an Ottawa fella during the afternoon event who’s an instructor with the club (the big Senators magnet on his car and the Senators jersey gave him away).

Rob arrived and was stunned to see all his friends in this curling club where he THOUGHT he was going to a “friends and family” curling event. And as his gaze traveled across the crowd of people, some of whom he hadn’t seen since high school, he finally spotted me. And lost all power of speech 😀 It was SO worth it. I wish we had thought to have someone recording it all, but we were all so excited, we didn’t even get a picture!

We spent the weekend in Chicago, and headed for home on the Monday. Since Rob had to work, we didn’t manage to leave until noon, but once we got going, we went 🙂 I drove the first half, and then Rob drove most of the rest of it (I took over just past Kingston because he was having trouble keeping it together). We got home at 3am on Christmas eve, promptly crashed, and didn’t get up until lunchtime. So between Christmas eve dinner at my aunt Cecile’s house (it’s a family tradition, although we don’t do it AFTER midnight mass anymore), Christmas dinner at my mom’s, and New Year’s day brunch at my aunt Nicky’s, we were well fed and pretty tired. We left New Year’s brunch and got on the road to head to Syracuse, where Rob would board the Lakeshore Limited to go home to Chicago. The train was delayed due to weather, and once they were gone, it had started snowing HARD, so the run home was fun. I’m just very thankful that I had arranged with my boss to work from home!

Now for the whining. On New Year’s eve, the kidney infection I had been taking antibiotics for before Christmas reared its ugly head again. Rob and I headed to the hospital at 6am when I just couldn’t take the pain anymore, and we were there until about 1pm :/ I would not recommend EVER going to the hospital in Hull. Drive the extra ten minutes into Ottawa, because you could probably die in the waiting room in Hull and nobody would notice. I also managed to tear something in my knee a few days ago, but the anti-inflammatories I’m supposed to take for that might interact with the antibiotics I’m on (again – yay – did I ever mention how much I HATE antibiotics??) I did go in to have my fasting blood sugar test, so I’m just waiting on the dr’s office to call me back for that. I was really good for most of Christmas… hardly ate any processed sugars at all. And then three separate people gave me chocolate for Christmas *sigh* Rob was meant to bring a box home with him, but he didn’t have room in his suitcase, so it stayed… and I had a moment of weakness 😦 And now I am firmly determined to not bring chocolate into the house again. If someone gives it to me, I will keep it in the trunk of the car until I can give it to someone else. *sigh*

Last night was an exercise in futility. I don’t think I got more than 10-15 minutes of sleep at a time. Which means that this morning, I woke up with a massive headache. To add to the fun, I hurt from the neck down (yay arthritis!). On the plus side, the Cold FX seems to have done the trick, and I feel much better than yesterday in that regard. I felt like unadulterated crap yesterday. Today, I don’t feel like I’m drowning in phlegm at least. I’m waiting for painkillers to kick in so I don’t stab something or bash my head against the wall, but I’m confident that eventually, there has to be less pain than there is now. Because I need to get back on the treadmill and get my ass moving. I have plans, dammit. Plans that don’t include whimpering in pain in a huddled mass. So get with it, body. We gots shit to do!