I know, I know… spending money isn’t actually therapeutic. But sometimes, when you have a bit of unexpected money, it feels good to buy something one has been wanting for a while. In my case, it was this beauty:



That would be the beautiful Miss Julia from Louet. I purchased her from my friend Kelly at Just Knitting. She used to have a brick and mortar store in Carleton Place (and before that, ran the Ashton Store), but she went to online-only about a year ago. She happened to have ONE store model left, and I came home with it on Saturday. Kari and I then did a yarn crawl through Unraveled (Merrickville) and Knit Knackers (Smiths Falls). I bought some yarn to knit the boy a new sweater, I bought a bit of fiber to play with the new wheel, and I bought the most amazing poured soy candles from a little shop right behind Unraveled (sorry, candle lady… I can’t remember the name of your shop!) They were so awesome, I bought kind of a ridiculous number of candles… Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist candles. 

Let me explain why I bought a new wheel. I was so excited back when I bought my Haldane Shetland, but it hadn’t been well maintained. Denise had oiled it up and tried to give it a once-over for me, and then the drive band (a piece of string) stretched out, the treadle was erratic, and it needed work. So off it went to Alvin Ramer (the wheel whisperer in these parts). He worked his magic on it, I brought it home, and it worked beautifully. And then the next time I tried to use it, the drive band (string) had stretched again, and the treadle was giving me trouble, and the wood on the wheel itself has actually dried out and started coming apart. Sadly, as beautiful a piece as it is, I have had to come to the conclusion that the Haldane will be decor only and can not be expected to be functional.

I have shown remarkable restraint and have not permitted myself to touch the wheel yet. I want to get my livingroom sorted out so I can actually have space to do yoga, and my kitchen needs a good going-over, and the wheel will be my reward for getting that done. I did buy some lovely fiber at Knit Knackers that I can’t wait to get my hands on, so that’s good incentive! I was going to buy some batts from Julianna’s Fibre, but all the ones I liked contained alpaca… since Julianna is local to me, I will either ask VERY nicely and see if she will make me something without alpaca, or I’ll order directly from her Etsy site and pick them up from her. I now have some lovely braids to work with, in a variety of fibres. I don’t expect to become an expert spinner overnight, but I have some nicer practice material than last time!

Skye’s cabled sweater is back in rotation – I think I mentioned that last time. So right now I’m working on that as well as the plain vanilla socks (2nd pair from my Rainforest skein of Three Irish Girls). I’m in the home stretch on the first sock, and I need to finish those before I start Rob’s socks (not black). I’ve also got the linen stitch scarf going on, but it takes me about 40 minutes to do one row on that one, so it’s slow going. I’m calling it my Supernatural scarf, since I work on it watching the show.

There hasn’t been much going on in the kitchen, but exercise-wise, I’ve been working hard! Rob set me on a task to walk on the treadmill for a set time per night, every single night. We started with 15 minutes, then 20, 25, 30… and now I’m up to 35 minutes per night. I’m quite pleased with my progress, even if the numbers on the scale aren’t dropping yet. They will. I’ve also almost completely given up processed sugar (I have some once in a very great while) and while I’m still trying to strike a carb/protein balance that makes me totally happy, I have improved considerably. Keep you all posted!