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So this weekend was another eventful one… on Wednesday, I had to go pick my daughter up at school because she was sick to her stomach. Great. I figured it was just a quick bug, or she’d eaten something off, or whatever. Nope. Turns out she had Noro virus, which she generously shared with her brother, dad and I. Her dad had it about the way she did… felt sick for a day, and then felt better. The boy and I, on the other hand… we both felt like dying. The boy felt nauseous for a few days, spent all of Saturday night running to the bathroom, and then felt a bit better. I spent all of Friday night and most of Saturday morning running to the bathroom (okay, let’s face it… I wasn’t running anywhere. I could barely stand!). By Sunday, I was able to stay conscious a bit longer, but was still pretty fuzzy and only able to ingest a small bowl of soup and a naan.

Feeling much better today though! I’ll confess that I didn’t step on the treadmill once this weekend (not since Thursday at this point), but I think I would have ended up getting hurt if I had, like zoning out and stopping while the treadmill continued. So I stayed off of it. And not the greatest way to do it, but my weight on Monday morning was six pounds lighter than my weight on Friday morning. LOL 

I’ve been puttering along on Skye’s cabled sweater and we’re almost at the point where I have to split off for the arm holes. The socks have also seen a tiny bit of progress – maybe 10 rows. I haven’t really touched the linen stitch scarf. I had meant to work on it at knit night, but I a) wasn’t really in the mood to knit (I was just starting to feel off) and b) I forgot the yarn for it in the car. Since I chose to cut off the yarn at the end of each row (so I wouldn’t have to purl), the yarn is only connected to the knitting while I’m in the middle of a row. I did, however, start a new garter-stitch (i.e. plain) scarf for Rob. He froze his face off walking a few miles to the train station the other day, and asked me to knit him – in his words, a “bright yellow scarf he could toss into the back seat of the car for emergencies.” 

Bright yellow??? Doesn’t really seem his style. Are you looking to be super-visible, I asked? Nope. He just figured it would go well with the bomber jacket he eventually wants to buy. Bright yellow. This is why we can’t trust men to dress themselves 😉 (Yes, that was a horribly unfair generalization about men, and if anyone is offended, well, tough. It’s a joke, and he’s a big boy and has been dressing himself for a really long time without my help.) The scarf, for the record, is not bright yellow. Nor is it any other bright colour. It’s Queensland Collection Rustic Wool in a very nice muted brown with charcoal grey variegation. I’m finding it a bit scratchy to knit with, but it’s not a scratchy yarn. 



I haven’t touched the spinning wheel yet, but that’s because I didn’t think I could handle the energy required this weekend. It will happen soon 🙂 I’m heading to Chicago this weekend, so there might be minimal spinning, especially as the rest of my week will be somewhat insane, but it will happen. Soon. I promise 🙂 

In the kitchen… well…. I bought some udon noodles, so there’s that, at least. Maybe we’ll actually get to use them some time soon! (Cooking was something else that just wasn’t going to happen this weekend… so was yoga.)