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If Amanda over at Soulemama jinxed spring by shearing her ladies and sewing herself some sun tops, then I definitely did my part by starting the spring cleaning and walking around outside in a tank top. (Hey, it was 7°C!!!!)

Today, there is an extra 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it’s -20°C. *le sigh*

That said, my philodendron is going nuts from all the extra sunlight, I’ve been DYING to start canning again – I’m not sure why I stopped over the winter. It’s not like I don’t have a freezer full of fruit to deal with. I have cranberries, apples, pears, kiwi, peaches, plums and a few other delights hiding out in the deep freeze. I *had* crabapples, but my daughter managed to bust the container open (accidentally) and they’re now scattered. I’ll have to defrost the freezer soon to get at them. There are a couple of things I really want to try out – Marisa at Food in Jars just came out with a new cookbook (which I haven’t bought yet, but will soon). I’m desperately wanting to try the apple horseradish conserve she came up with on the fly a few weeks ago (not in the new book) and I’ve been dying to try her spiced cranberry jam as well. I think my mom would like another batch of my ginger peach jam – her Florida cousins ask for it every time they visit! I also have some wild grapes and some concord grapes in the freezer, although they’re in much smaller quantity than any of the other fruits. Oh, and some raspberries are hanging out in there too. Maybe I’ll have enough peaches to try a peach raspberry this year. I got to try a few new things last summer, thanks to Hidden Harvest

I haven’t knit much since Monday, but Rob’s sock and Zachary’s Flax sweater are in the rotation until next weekend. I’m hoping to finish the pair of socks by Passover, since I’ll be flying to Chicago that weekend. I’d also like to put the crocheted baby blankets together soon, but I think spring cleaning needs to come first. We did a bit in the front hall this week, and once I’ve got a bit more done, it’ll be time to attack the books. I have way too many, some I’ll never read, and it’s time for those to go to other homes. A few years ago (okay, SEVEN years ago), a friend helped me purge my home of unwanted/unneeded stuff, and we ended up donating two carloads (back seat folded down, and stacked to the roof) of books to Value Village. St. Vincent de Paul then came by the house and picked up the equivalent of the front room’s space piled shoulder high of furniture, clothes and other stuff I didn’t want anymore. And somehow? Somehow my house is stuffed to the gills again, and I need another major purge. This time, I’m hitting the kids’ rooms as well. Because they’re packrats. My daughter actually cried the other day because I wanted to toss an empty cardboard box. I swear, I don’t understand that kid.

I’m still trying to wade out from under the mass of paper at work, but our audit starts Monday, so it’ll be over soon! (I hate being this disorganized, paper EVERYWHERE and trying to do 50 things at once). I’m looking forward to taking a break from school this summer. It’ll be nice!

Tell me your favorite thing about spring! We need to chase these winter blahs away and bring the warm weather back!