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I’m not sure what happened. Wait. That’s a lie. I know exactly what happened. It’s March. *sigh* But it was so nice and warm and lovely out yesterday. This morning, I woke up to sunshine and hoped it would be more of the same. And stepped out into -13C. Yuck. At least stuff was still melting! 

Last week was a bit hairy, what with our audit going on at work, but it finished early, and all seems to be in order, so yay me! I did a good job! This week is going to be pretty quiet, and I’m going to spend a good part of it packing up 2013 files and creating 2014 ones. Spring cleaning for the office, if you will 🙂 The spring cleaning bug has struck at home, and I’ve been trying to limit myself to manageable jobs so I don’t burn out and quit half-way through. So far, so good… although I expect my neighbors may get annoyed with me filling up the dumpsters. 

I officially dropped my university class today. I feel horrible for quitting, and it was a very emotional conversation with my prof, but I was not doing well, I was not in a headspace to do well, and I needed a break. It’s an expensive break, to be sure (since it’s past the pull-out date), but it’s one I desperately needed. When your prof calls you and it takes you 30 seconds to start sobbing on the phone? Yeah… it’s time to cut and run. She was pretty encouraging though, and said that I wasn’t doing as badly as I thought I was and that half the class was struggling. She also said I could take the class again next fall and whatever grade I pulled then would replace the incomplete on my transcript. So. This summer, I will most likely be taking a French Grammar and Vocabulary class the university offers, to try to improve my writing skills a bit. I’m also going to start listening to French podcasts, listening to the radio and reading French newspapers and magazines. French is my first language, and I’m somewhat ashamed that I’m not proficient enough in it to feel comfortable in a university class.

As for knitting… well, I misplaced my knitting bag a few days ago and only came across it again yesterday, so not much got done. I did, however, cast on the Leaf Lace Blanket by E.J. Slayton from 60 Quick Baby Knits. I also went to knit night on Friday, for the first time in at least a month. I really wasn’t in the mood to go out, and wanted to spend the weekend being a hermit, as has become my usual routine. But I know I’ve been hiding out from my friends because I’ve been stressed, so I forced myself to go out. And I’m so happy I did!!! I got to hang out with several friends I haven’t seen in a while, including Elizabeth, who will be accompanying me to Maryland (hopefully with Sue and Kari in tow, but they’re not sure yet). That reminded me that Maryland Sheep and Wool is in less than SIX WEEKS, and got me all excited about that! I need to sort out a space for the spinning wheel before then so I can at least justify buying a tiny bit of fiber (maybe). I certainly don’t have space for any more yarn!

This weekend, some friends and I started what I hope will become a recurring event. My friends Sylvie and Sarah invited me to their apartment for a Sunday crafternoon. Normally, Sunday afternoons are spent at my mom’s house, but since my parents are in Cuba right now… 🙂 It was awesome. We ordered some amazing Indian food, Sylvie finished a sewing project she’d been working on (an enormous patchwork denim bag) while Sarah and sat on the couch knitting. We spent the entire afternoon just crafting and watching “Run, Fatboy, Run“. If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it. I love British films, and I especially love Simon Pegg, and I was not disappointed. Sylvie has offered to teach me to sew, and she has also apparently taken up bobbin lace (which is INSANE – see pic below). I’m dying to learn to use my sewing machine – my mother bought it for me for Christmas one year because she’d bought my brother one (I’m not sure how that works out logically, but I would so love to sew things). 



Oh, something else I need to share with all of you. I have recently started watching a series called Blackpool. It stars David Morrissey and Sarah Parish, but let’s be honest. The only reason I started watching it is because David Tennant is in it. If you haven’t heard of this series, it’s worth looking up… if only for this scene. I just about died laughing. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and was gasping for breath for about half an hour. Yes, this is a police serial MUSICAL. With DAVID TENNANT. What are you waiting for? Go find it and watch it!

I’m dying to start canning too, so I think the jam pot might come out at some point this week. I have plums, peaches, kiwi  and cranberries filling my freezer that are all destined to become something delicious very soon! Marisa over at Food in Jars has written a new cookbook called Preserving by the Pint, which I can’t WAIT to get my hands on. For right now, I’m off to make a pot of tomato-based fish chowder. There may or may not be a recipe shared later in the week. Who else is ready for spring to get serious?