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So today was my six-week appointment at the doctor’s office for the whole diabetes thing. It was not a happy morning. I haven’t been sleeping well, the scale keeps moving up, my joints all hurt like hell and I’ve had a headache for roughly six weeks (since I started the meds). The doctor seemed concerned about all that – last time she put me on Metformin, it made me feel like crap and I stopped taking it. This time, I kept it up. She figures it might be the Metformin doing all this to me, so she took me off it (but kept me on Glyburide) and referred me to an endocrinologist (basically, a diabetes specialist). In the meantime, I’m to start keeping track of my blood glucose levels, and keep working on the exercise and eating well 🙂 

Major victory for me today… I stuck myself with the lancet thingie for the first time – ALL BY MYSELF. You have to understand that I have a lifelong terror of needles that I have difficulty overcoming when having blood tests done by other people. The idea of sticking MYSELF? Yeah… I was light-headed just thinking about it. It took me about half an hour to psych myself up for it, and my post-dinner blood glucose was 8.3!!!! (That’s higher than the ideal normal of between 4 and 7, but pretty damn good for AFTER dinner, considering that when I was diagnosed, my fasting glucose level was 12.3.)

So I’ve gotten tired of watching the number on the scale climb and of my clothes being tight, etc. So tonight, before Rob got home for the evening, I hopped on the treadmill and queued up my Youtube playlist on the tablet. I managed to go 45 minutes (1.5 miles) and I feel fantastic (but slightly sore)! 😀 I’m surviving on Advil right now, since the extra weight I’ve put on in the six weeks since I started the meds are putting a lot more pressure on my joints, but that will get better as that weight drops off. 

Sadly, I have no knitting content to offer today. I did make the fish soup yesterday, but that will be a post perhaps for the weekend. (It’s SO YUMMY). I challenged myself to take a picture of myself post-workout. It is not pretty, and it certainly isn’t flattering, but here I am in all my sweat-soaked glory:


Tell us in the comments what your small victory was today!