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It’s been so crazy  just RELAXING and taking time for myself that I’m exhausted! I skipped knit night on Friday because I was feeling a bit off, so home I came and started doing laundry. I sort of misplaced the baby blanket I started at Sylvie & Sarah’s place, and I was kind of jonesing for a baby blanket, so I cast on a new one. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea! So I pulled out some lovely (but sadly, discontinued) Rozetti Lollipop in a pale green colourway, and set to work. I cast on for the # 41 Blanket by Sarah Ann Thompson.  I don’t know if you can tell from the image below, but the yarn isn’t a solid color. It’s not variegated either. It’s a pale green sort of mottled with white and it’s lovely. I’m very sad it’s discontinued, because it’s SUCH an amazing acrylic to work with. I prefer acrylic for baby things because who wants to have to hand wash a blanket every time the baby spits up on it? It’s a lot less bother for Mum if she can just toss it in the wash and not worry. But this stuff is so soft and springy (both in texture AND colour!), I just love it.


Rozetti Lollipop, colourway 1077

Ironically, the next day, I found the bag that had the other baby blanket (the Leaf Lace Blanket by E.J. Slayton in Cascade’s 60 Quick Baby Knits book, which I’m knitting from Bernat Softee Chunky in the Fern colourway). So now I have two baby blankets on the go. That should scratch the itch for a while. Still plugging away at Rob’s sock. I imagine I’ll be grafting the toe on the plane again. I want him to try the first one on before I cast on the second one, because if it doesn’t bloody fit, I’m not about to keep going! I’m sure everyone remembers the cursed sock, right? Right.

There hasn’t been much in the way of creative cooking going on, because I’ve been focused more on prepping simple things that are healthy, easy and tasty for work meals. Which is working quite well, and I’m learning a lot. For instance? Stay away from bananas. I had one as a snack this afternoon, and started feeling very strange an hour later. I thought that maybe my blood sugar was high, so I tested. 13.5!!!!! Yeah… apparently bananas have a very high glycemic index number. Who knew? (Okay, apparently almost everybody but me knew this. Lesson learned!)

There will be a LOT of cooking going on next weekend though. On Friday, I fly to Chicago to start preparing for Passover! I am THRILLED and can’t wait! We’re hosting Rob’s parents, his uncle and his best friend’s family. There should be ten of us at the table, all told, unless his brother can make it, in which case there will be twelve of us! YAY! I love cooking, and I love entertaining, and this will be the first time I’ve done it on such a large scale. I’m part terrified and part really excited. And I promise not to put jalapenos in ANYTHING. I nearly killed his brother last time, because I use jalapenos instead of bell peppers in my spaghetti sauce… apparently Rob and his brother are not huge fans of spicy food.

So far, I’m planning some roasted potatoes, deviled eggs, I may try doing gefilte fish from scratch, but we’ll have to see what my timeline is going to be like. I’m making matzo ball soup from scratch – I’ve tried it with storebought broth, and it’s just not the same. Rob’s mom is providing and cooking the brisket and gravy. There will be green bean casserole, which was new to me last Passover, but it’s tradition for his family, and since some of our guests are vegetarian, I’ll have to come up with some more veg dishes (that should NOT be a problem) and a good dessert. (maybe this one...)



Incidentally, I’m sorry about all the images shunting over to the left – WordPress has changed the way you edit images, and I can’t figure out how to centre things anymore. 

Needless to say, I am very excited about this trip! I just hope I don’t screw anything up. We even have a lovely copper Seder plate that Rob’s uncle brought back from Israel for this first Seder he is hosting for his family. We are thrilled! (Even more thrilled that his uncle, who is not Jewish, is able to join us for this special evening!) There will be other stuff going on this weekend – we’re seeing his best friend’s daughter in a school production of 101 Dalmatians, and we want to go see the new Captain America movie, but the highlight is definitely going to be the Seder for me. 

I know that not many people following this blog are Jewish, but what are your plans for Passover this year? Are you hosting or visiting? I’ll be missing my Temple’s celebration since I’m out of town, but tell me all about yours! (We’ll deal with Easter when I get back, because Easter dinner is always at my Mom’s). And then? The SUGAR BUSH! We’re going late this year, but if you’ve gone already, I’d love to hear about it! If you have pictures, send them over and I’ll share them with everyone.