I know, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. There’s just been so much going on that I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

Last time I posted anything, Rob was about to arrive, my house was a mess, I was falling behind with school and feeling really freaked out about everything. My sugar was still out-of-control and I felt wonky and tired all the time.

The fatigue really hasn’t gone anywhere (it’d be nice if I could get to bed before 11pm just ONCE). The blood sugar, however, is a bit better 🙂 I sat down and wrote a meal-plan (and corresponding grocery list!) the other day, did my shopping last night, and started prepping food. OMG I don’t know what I was thinking. SO labor-intensive. I didn’t even come close to finishing what I wanted to accomplish before I finally gave up exhausted around 11:30. I think that, using the WW points system, I also planned for way too much food. They recommend that you use your entire points allotment every day, and when I’m eating clean, I find it difficult to do so. Breakfast, for instance, was meant to be two hard-boiled eggs, a 6oz can of V8, a can of tuna and 1/2 cup cheerios. I made it through the V8 and the two eggs, although I ate the 2nd egg a lot more slowly than the first… and I was half-way through the can of tuna when I realized that my stomach was saying, “enough!” Didn’t even touch the cheerios. Tomorrow, I’ll try ONE hard-boiled egg with the other half of the can of tuna, and see how that goes. I haven’t even been hungry for my morning snack (cottage cheese with raspberries) and it’s nearly lunchtime!

My 5k Walk for Arthritis is THIS SUNDAY!!!!! That means you only have 3 days left if you’d like to support me with a donation. Anything over $20 is tax-deductible, and your support would really mean a lot to me! I’m at 76% of my $500 goal, with three days left. Won’t you please consider helping to put me over the line? I’ve lived with arthritis my whole life, and it sucks. 90% of the time, when I wake up in the morning, I’m in pain, and I spend the day that way. About 10% of the time, I’m in so much pain, I have difficulty functioning. I can’t imagine what people who have more severe cases go through. My daughter’s teacher has had every experimental treatment out there, and still suffers constantly. Every penny you donate helps develop better and more effective treatments.

As for knitting, there’s been a bit going on. I’m done the body of the French Cancan Shawl by Mademoiselle C, but I’ve only used 2 of the 6 balls of yarn, so I’m debating making the body larger… Not sure how that would affect the border though, so I’m reluctant to do it. I might make a matching hat instead. Rob’s socks saw a brief surge of activity that got me through the heel flap and gusset decreases, but now that I’m half-way down the foot, I’m bored again LOL No more ribbed socks for a while. They’re not quite mindless enough that I can just knit without thinking (especially on the foot where only half is ribbed and half is knit). I acquired some more Bernat Sox (the thicker acrylic sock yarn Bernat used to make that my father loves), so I plan to make him a few more pairs – he’s diabetic and has a lot of foot problems. The socks I knit him are loose enough that they don’t hurt his feet, but keep him nice and warm, which is a big deal considering his feet are always cold.

I had taken the Baby Surprise Jacket I had started back out of hibernation…. and now it’s being frogged *sigh* I knit and frogged and knit and frogged the same section about four times before I decided I had had enough. This jacket is just not meant to be. It had no set recipient, I was just knitting it to use up the yarn. Well, the yarn is now going into Skye’s basket, and she can knit or crochet whatever she likes with this $30 ball of Lang Jawoll Magic LOL Skye’s poor sweater is not being frogged – it’s being tossed into the garbage. The kids were being helpful one day and brought all the dirty clothes that were laying around into the “laundry room” (aka the bathroom). Unfortunately, they also brought Skye’s half-finished sweater, and the cats peed all over it (which is why we don’t put clothes on the floor!). I rescued the needles and the stitch markers, but the rest? BINNED. Argh. I need to be a bit more consistent with my efforts. I think once I’m done either the socks or the French Cancan, the next project to come back into rotation will be the Flax sweater I’m knitting for Zachary. I’d like to finish it before it gets cold enough for him to wear it 🙂

Oh, and there has been a bit of spinning. I can’t remember if it was before or after my last post, but I’ve spun a bobbin and a half of Millie up – those of you who watch the Two Tangled Skeins podcast know that Millie is the Romney fleece I purchased just after the podcast was created. The intent was that Sue, Kari and I would spin her together, but Sue and Kari have since sold their spinning wheels. So I’m spinning her by myself. I’ll show a picture soon of my spinning efforts thus far. (and I need to get back to it – Tour de Fleece is coming soon!)

I’ve been ITCHING to start canning. I was a good girl last weekend. I cut down almost the entire rhubarb patch at my mom’s house, but gave the ENTIRE harvest to my brother (with a few stalks for my mom). It’s growing so fast, I’m sure there will be another bumper crop in just a few short weeks. I still have some baggies left in the freezer from last summer (although I lost about half when my chest freezer was sabotaged – thankfully I had a bunch in the fridge freezer!) But the reason I’m waiting is that I want to get my kitchen sorted out (once and for all) and I’m not allowing myself to undertake any big, messy projects until that’s done. I want to pick up some Pomona’s Pectin while I’m in the US anyway.

I’m still a bit behind on my accounting class, but I’m working hard to get that finished so I can be DONE with it. I also bought myself a small inspirational gift yesterday at the grocery store…