No, I mean that literally. I need a break. I’ve been so burned out trying to do university, community college, a full-time job and raising two troublesome teenagers at once, and I’ve had it. I’ve reached my breaking point. We had a “retreat” at work this week and I was exhausted when I went to bed… and then proceeded to NOT SLEEP AT ALL the entire night. I think I got an hour-long nap around 5am. Since I got home, I’ve been passing out randomly, falling asleep at my desk, on the couch, in class, etc. And having to drag myself out of bed in the morning. My daughter actually WOKE ME UP to tell me she was going to school this morning. (That does not happen – she’s a sleeper – I usually have to fight with her to get her out of bed in the morning). An idea of how stressed out I’ve been would be that I haven’t even been playing my Facebook games regularly!!! (okay, I’m being a bit facetious, but let’s face it, I’m tired! – and now that I’ve done a little obligatory Blazing Saddles quote for Rob’s enjoyment, let us get back to business).

I also have not had time to pick up any knitting this week. I bring it everywhere with me, but I haven’t touched it once. Not since last Saturday when I finished this:

Knit out of Cascade Heritage in Navy Blue on 2.5mm needles. No pattern, but it's based off The Yarn Harlot's Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules.

Knit out of Cascade Heritage in Navy Blue on 2.5mm needles. No pattern, but it’s based off The Yarn Harlot’s Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules.

Those would be Rob’s socks of doom. The cursed socks. The socks I have been trying to knit him since last year. NO, they’re not black. I will never knit anyone black socks ever again. I told you all the snowblower story. I still have that project, because for some reason, Rob thinks it needs to be preserved for posterity. Unless he ABSOLUTELY adores these socks, I will not be making him another pair any time soon 😉 I love him, but damn.

Anyway, my university class has drawn to a close (final was last night), and I’m looking forward to having my evenings free to actually CLEAN around the house, make real food, and generally just not be required to be somewhere else for 3 1/2 hours twice a week. My accounting class is also nearing its end – the exam is July 9th. So I’m looking forward to that being done as well. I will be taking the rest of the summer off from educational pursuits, and I think that in September, when I’m ready (and willing) to start again, I’ll concentrate on the accounting, since my boss wants me to do it, and take a short break from the university classes.

I’m looking forward to knit night tonight. It’s been a while (that’s something else that goes down the tubes when I’m stressed), and I think a nice, relaxing evening of hanging out with friends and knitting is just the ticket.

I’m not sure Stitches Midwest is happening. Elizabeth has dropped out because of a scheduling conflict, and Sue’s not sure if she’ll be able to come or not, and I just can’t afford the trip on my own. The kids and I are going to Chicago on June 27th, and we’ll be there a week, so I will be going down, I just won’t be there for the marketplace. It’s not like I really need more yarn anyway 😉 Tour de Fleece is starting while I’m in Chicago, and I tried to figure out the logistics of bringing my wheel with me, and it’s just not possible. So I’ll miss the first few days. That’s okay, I’m not competing for prizes or anything anyway.

I bought blueberries and concord grapes last night to make some jam, so I’ve got that to look forward to this weekend! I made a small batch of mango jam for my dad the other day (just three mangoes). It was part of his father’s day present. I also bought him some cherries and a watermelon. Not much of a present, but I was kind of broke 🙂 I also got to attend my first Shavuot celebration – it was a joint celebration between Or Haneshamah (my temple) and Temple Israel (the one I used to go to). It was so awesome to see so many friends at Temple Israel – apparently I’ve actually been missed! I’ll start going there once in a while when we don’t have services (we’re still on alternate weeks). I guess it really has been a while since I’ve posted!

Oh, and I’m sad to report that my sunflowers died. I’m pretty sure they were dead when I bought them… but sunflower petals don’t lose their colour when they’re dried out, so it was hard to tell. The day after I bought them, the entire plant was dry and crusty, even though I had watered it when I got it to the office. Oh well… that’s what I get for buying plants from the grocery store, right? 🙂 At least they made me happy for those two days. Someday I will have my own garden and there will be sunflowers ALL OVER IT.