Someone on a Ravelry group I frequent issued a challenge for folks to join her in a Whole 30, and I excitedly agreed! A Whole 30 is a 30-day period where you do away with all dairy, grains and legumes and eat whole foods for the duration. Meat, fish and seafood are allowed, tofu and soy products are not. Coconut milk is permitted, cow’s milk is not. No butter, but ghee is okay (clarified butter, for the uninitiated, used extensively in Asian cooking).

I’ve been having a bit more trouble with some food intolerance issues recently, and decided this would be a good way to isolate some of the things that were giving me indigestion. I know dairy is a big one for me, because while it gives me intestinal cramps, the discomfort has not been enough to make me stop eating it. But last week, I had several days of very intense joint and bone pain after consuming heroic quantities of dairy, and I started to wonder. It’s possible that it was just a bad arthritis day, but the pain struck very suddenly, and at the same time both days (about 2 hours after I’d consumed a lot of dairy for dinner). I know it all sounds very woo-woo, and my ex-husband is laughing at me, but I firmly believe that we can do ourselves harm or good with what we eat, and I’m willing to give this a try ๐Ÿ™‚

Did my shopping today – some chicken breasts (bone-in and with the skin – I skinned and deboned them all tonight and portioned them out into ziploc baggies); cherries – meant to pit and freeze them (I’ve discovered a new love of frozen fruits as a snack – especially cherries and grapes!) but I couldn’t find my cherry pitter. That will be done tomorrow. Lots of fresh veggies – mushrooms (want to try making these Roasted Mushrooms), celery, Lebanese cucumbers, some lovely nectarines, one of the most beautiful cauliflowers I’ve ever seen, a bag of onoios, some sweet potatoes, etc. I am so psyched about this! Also a bit terrified.

In knitting news, I’ve been steadily working on my 2nd French Cancan, and I’m down to the heel flap on my dad’s first sock. I also picked up the 41 blanket again – Rob’s cousin sprogged last week (unexpectedly for us, since she wasn’t talking about it much on FB), and I’d like to get it out to her!

I’ll be keeping everyone apprised of progress with the Whole 30, and sharing a few recipe links here and there ๐Ÿ™‚ Right now, I need to go rescue my son’s cat from his bedroom before she pulls his door apart.