Chugging right along on the Whole 30, and I goofed. I have a major sweet tooth, and I figured, hey, dates are fruit, right? (Yeah… they’re also LOADED with natural sugar). So here I was, chowing down on my dates, when the horrible thought struck me that they probably weren’t allowed. So I checked with my Whole 30 posse on Ravelry, and sure enough, if you struggle with sugar addiction, they’re to be avoided. *sigh* Guess my mom’s getting a present this weekend. (She loves dates!) I had some truly awful store-bought guacamole yesterday, so I’ve pretty much determined that whatever I can make myself has to be better. Especially since I like spicy guac and this stuff was really oily and bland. Unnaturally oily. Even though there was no oil in the ingredients list. I am skeptical.

A weird bug passed through our house this week. I think my daughter picked it up at camp. It started with her having a headache, dizziness and and upset stomach on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening, my son had a headache and he was sick as a dog on Wednesday. Last night, I had a headache and basically passed out on the couch as soon as the kids were in bed. So there hasn’t been a whole lot of exercise going on. So as soon as I was feeling better (woke up with a headache today, but it was mostly gone by lunch), I picked my youngest up from camp and we took a 2-mile walk together in Little Italy!

I’ve been working on my French Cancan like a fiend, trying to get it to the border portion before Saturday. My friend Sue is also knitting one, and she’s been having a bit of trouble getting the border started, so my thought was that if we were both at the same point, we could start it together, and we could see where she’s going wrong – I went wrong SO MANY TIMES the first time I knit it, and then it just clicked. I’m hoping I can help her out, because I think everybody needs to knit at least a dozen of these things! (Right, Krystal? Krystal knit four of these WITHIN two months for her bridesmaids just before her wedding – then cast on another!) I haven’t dared touch anything else because I need to haul ass on the shawl 🙂

My friend Elizabeth has started a blog over here. Go say hi! (tell her I sent you!) She’s a much better writer than I am, and definitely a better photographer! And yes, this is the Elizabeth who has traveled to Maryland with us!

In canning news, I hope to be able to procure some Pomona’s and some raspberries from the Parkdale Market tomorrow! (the Pomona’s comes from a store, obviously, not the market). I’m lucky enough to work only four short blocks away, so I’ll walk over on my lunch break! Have a great weekend!