I was in despair when I got home from Chicago that I had missed the last of the raspberries, because the PYO place I drive by on the way to my parents’ house was closed last weekend. Oh foolish woman! My parents were in Edmonton this past weekend for a family wedding, so not having any clue what to do with my recalcitrant teenagers, I figured I’d drive out to the fruit farm and try my luck. The one we frequent is the Orleans Fruit Farm – what started out as a tiny little farm stand has become a pretty major operation in my parents’ town.


We were in luck! Not only was the PYO open, but oh my, the raspberries! Of course, I left my phone in the car, so I couldn’t even snap a bad picture, but believe me when I say there were so many raspberries, the branches were weighed down. I left my oldest at home and only brought my daughter with me (she’s a bit more of a joiner when I have impromptu plans). We picked three baskets of the most juicy and delicious berries – it has been YEARS since I’ve been able to get my hands on raspberries other than the little overpriced tubs at the grocery store. Fresh-picked berries are always better. We also sweated like pigs and got eaten alive by mosquitoes – although the bugs only came out during the last ten-fifteen minutes we were out there. But HOT… I sweated in places where I didn’t know sweat glands existed! But we had a lot of fun 🙂

I figured we’d visit the produce store in the hopes of procuring some peaches so I could experiment a bit. That was a tiny bit of a mistake… I came home with apricots, yellow plums, peaches, pomegranates… I had to forbid myself from going farther into the store! I’ve been chopping and peeling and cutting and freezing. And I’m looking forward to slightly cooler weather so I can begin USING all this fantastic produce I’m putting away. I think I got into canning fever a bit late this summer due to the accidentally-unplugged freezer fiasco this spring. But it’s here now, and I can’t wait to get started! I made a conscious decision not to make cucumber pickles this year – I’m still trying to find a recipe I really like, and I just don’t have the time, energy or patience to get it done right now.

Sue and I are progressing apace on our French Cancan shawls… we had reached the same spot on Saturday, and sat down to do one pattern repeat on the border together. Then Sue went camping and got confused, and ripped out the whole border 😦 So her Cancan will wait until she’s back in town, and mine will progress slowly – I’m only about 6 pattern repeats in (out of about 40?). I’ve made some progress on my dad’s sock, but it’s a boring sock, so there’s nothing exciting to report there.

The Whole-30 is going well. I accidentally got a Caesar salad last night instead of a garden salad, and had to pick out the croutons and cheese before I could eat it LOL I would cut someone for a doughnut or a pizza bun or some ice cream! But I know it’s just because I’ve told myself I’m not allowed. I’m on day six right now, and doing pretty well – the kids were impressed with our Whole 30 dinner. A head of cauliflower, two onions and some chicken cooked in pasta sauce with hot sauce added in (and some cumin-mint seasoning). It was pretty damned delicious, if I do say so myself! Well, I’m going to go enjoy my lovely grapefruit sodastream and wind down for bed! I went to the gym tonight, and I imagine I will be quite sore tomorrow!!!