The super-fantastic-exciting-wonderful news I’ve been waiting to share with all of you? Well, I can’t QUITE share it yet, but I will be able to VERY VERY SOON.

In other news, my daughter was meant to have her first day of Junior High today. That all got cancelled when some idiot shot a couple of people and barricaded himself inside his apartment less than a block from the school. *sigh*

What the hell is going on in the world right now? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR, PEOPLE. This is not how a decent society operates. People don’t go around shooting each other. Watching the news has become way too depressing. Race riots in the US??? What the hell? Students invent nail polish that can detect date rape drugs??? Bombing and fighting is STILL going on in at least eight different places around the world???

I can’t tell you all how it discourages me. ANY time our local classic rock station posts something on their Facebook page that involves language, discrimination, or any kind of controversy, it gets really, really ugly. People will say that francophones should go back to Quebec (I come from a francophone family that settled in Ontario in the 1700s and has been there ever since – why should I be lumped into a province my family isn’t even from??) and call all French people ignorant. I hear similar comments from francophones in Quebec about anglos. It’s all xenophobic bullshit, and I’m tired of it.

I don’t care who you are or what your beliefs say. Just be freaking decent to each other. Is that so hard? Open a door for someone. Smile at the person next to you. Ask people if they’re okay. Introduce yourself to your neighbor. The world is becoming a very scary place. A sense of entitlement and anonymity has made being rude, hurtful or just plain mean more acceptable. That needs to stop. Imagine how awesome the world would be to live in if we all looked out for each other and genuinely cared about the people around us? Not just the people who are in your family or circle of friends, but EVERYBODY.

So the title. RAK – What does it mean? Well, RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. This is a practice everyone should learn. Just randomly do nice things for people. Mow the lawn or shovel the walk for someone who lives alone. Bring a few cookies to a neighbor when you’ve been baking. Open a door for someone or give up your seat on the bus. Let the guy who’s been waiting to get out of the gas station on a busy road for five minutes go ahead of you. Just smile at someone as you pass them on the sidewalk. It doesn’t take much, and it’s not hard. And the rewards? They’re infinite! If we all start doing this, EVERYONE benefits.

Please help restore my faith in humanity and tell me about a random act of kindness you have witnessed recently 🙂 And I promise I will share my OH-SO-AMAZING news soon 🙂