Oh how annoyed I am right now. I suppose I shouldn’t complain. We’re warm and safe. But I would just like to get a little bit of sleep before morning comes! We’ve had a pretty major windstorm here (for Ottawa) with gusts up to 80km/h, and it’s been going on for quite a while. All day at the office, the wind was pushing and pulling at our door, setting the door sensor off and activating the doorbell every few minutes. Good thing I was alone today, because it drove me bonkers, and I’d rather my coworkers and boss not hear me swearing at inanimate objects too often.

It made the drive home a bit hairy – idling at a light, the car was shaking and shuddering with each new breath of wind. The power was knocked out in several neighborhoods (thankfully, not mine) as trees hit the power lines. Several Hydro and City crews were out doing emergency repairs. One such crew apparently set up shop outside my bedroom window (slight exaggeration, they were at the house next door) around 10:30pm. And as they revved up their chainsaws and the big diesel wood-chipper, I wondered how long they’d be at it. Just over an hour, as it turns out. City noise ordinances come into effect at 11pm, and so does my bedtime. I was rather annoyed at having to listen to all that until nearly midnight – after they turned the wood-chipper off, there were still random bursts of chainsaw activity.

And then for the next hour and a half, what I at first thought was the sound of chopping wood by axe (but actually turned out to be a couple of recycling totes blown out into the street) has kept me awake and unable to finally drift off. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried white noise, I’ve tried music, I’ve tried sleeping with a pillow over my head. And I’ve finally given up. You win, wind. I have accepted that I won’t get any sleep until you’re done playing with the big blue bins.

no, this isn't my photo. We don't have palm trees in Ottawa!

no, this isn’t my photo. We don’t have palm trees in Ottawa!