You guys…. oh you guys, I’m so psyched! I finally got fed up with my kitchen this past weekend. My kitchen is a disaster, because my dishwasher was out of commission (and I’m really, REALLY lazy). All kinds of sticky residue was being left all over my dishes, and it didn’t matter what kind of detergent I used, or how many rinse agents I added. My dishes were coming out way grosser than they went in.

So I decided to be an adult. I watched any number of Youtube videos on cleaning dishwasher filters and disassembling the sump to clean that out, etc. And then I grabbed the big torch my parents bought me last Christmas, set it in the top rack, and went to work. I took that thing apart, and it was DIS. GUS. TING. I honestly don’t think it had ever been cleaned, and I know the dishwasher was at least ten years old when I moved in. That’s twenty years’ worth of accumulated gunk. It took me an hour or so to clear it all out. AN HOUR, folks. An hour of picking food particles and hair and lord knows what else out of that thing. Then I put it back together, and gave it a run with just vinegar to really clear the works out, and now? Now I have a functioning dishwasher once again! I have been washing ALL THE THINGS. My cupboard is FULL OF CLEAN DISHES! If I want a snack, I can go get a bowl and a spoon and just effing EAT something, because I won’t have to do dishes first!

And because I felt that wasn’t enough adulting for one weekend, I cleaned out and reorganized my son’s dresser. Dudes, I had to VACUUM out the drawers, there was so much crap in there. Apparently one of the drawers was housing his collection of pencil shavings?! Not anymore. Now his dresser is full of clean, folded clothes that fit him and I have three new pairs of jeans for the fabric pile (unless I suddenly find someone who fits them). And then? Then I vacuumed. Which is more impressive than it sounds, because the beater bar on my vacuum cleaner isn’t letting any suction through (that’s next weekend’s project). So I have to remove the canister from the upright, cart it around, and use the hose and wand attachment to actually pick anything up. *sigh*

(Oh, and I’d like to point out that I did all this while it was 28.2 degrees Celcius in my apartment. It’s winter. And there’s no temperature control in my apartment. The heat is either on or it’s off. And right now, it’s on, and it’s not that cold outside, so I live in a sauna. When it gets really cold outside again, it’ll feel more normal in here. For now, we roast!)

And now, I am appropriately tired for 9:42pm and I am going to go chat with Rob for a bit before I pass out.