It’s stinking cold outside, but I’m willing to forgive that for the moment. My biceps and hips hurt (worked out last night), and my bra is so tight that I have a second set of boobs spilling out (I think it’s time to retire this one), but today is going to be an awesome day. WHY is it going to be an awesome day today?


Disclaimer – I did not take this picture.

I drove to work between two vertical rainbows this morning, and it totally made my day! I mean, I could say that I’m ahead of the game in audit prep at work, or that I had a nice, relaxing weekend, or that I had hugs and kisses from little people yesterday, but really? Those rainbows took all that awesome and concentrated it! So today is going to be fantastic, and nobody can do anything to change that! (The fact that I’m eating sweet potato and dilly beans for breakfast isn’t hurting anything either.)

So even though it’s damn cold out and there are another couple of months before I get to walk around without a heavy coat on, things are pretty awesome today, and I’m willing to bet there’s at least one seed catalogue in my mailbox when I get home tonight. I don’t have a yard, and I can’t plant stuff, but I do love poring over the pages and pages of possibilities!

In knitting news, I started Kuura last weekend, and I’m getting really near the end of it. I’ve also been plugging away at Olive Branch (although Kuura has been very distracting), and Lyn’s Round Ripple Baby Afghan (no, I did not design it). I also started a plain old men’s sock, but I haven’t decided who it’s for yet. It’s plain stockinette (aside from the top cuff) and I don’t know if Rob will like it, so if he doesn’t, my dad will get a new pair of socks – they wear the same size! I’ve been fighting off a major case of startitis – there are about a dozen shawls, hats, etc., that I want to cast on RIGHT NOW. I am trying to be strong and resist 😉

Is there anything that just instantly puts a smile on your face? No matter what kind of mood you were in before? Tell me all about it!