This is going to be controversial and rude – I apologize in advance.

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that there’s been a drastic increase in the anti-vaccination crap littering my Facebook feed. It likely stems from the recent Measles outbreak stemming from an unvaccinated and infected child visiting Disneyland and starting a new trend.

And I am APPALLED at the number of reasonably intelligent adults who continue to refuse to vaccinate their children out of stubbornness and abject stupidity. I am disgusted at how many of these people do all the wrong kinds of research, arrive at completely false conclusions, and make their “informed” decisions based on debunked junk science and, worst of all, take the advice of celebrities of that of their doctors.

How absolutely brainless do you have to be to put the life of your child and the lives of hundreds or thousands of children around them at risk? There are some children who can not be vaccinated. Children with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients, heart patients, etc. Children who are severely allergic to some component of the vaccine (like eggs). Children under one year of age, who are too young to receive these vaccines. If your child falls into one of these categories, then this blog post is not aimed at you. Carry on.

However, if your child does NOT fall into one of those categories? If your child is healthy and you just don’t want little Johnny to have “chemicals” pumped into his body? (Here’s a hint – if the kid is alive and breathing, there are “chemicals” entering his body every day.) SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP. Those folks whose kids can’t be immunized? They rely on something called “Herd Immunity” to keep their kids safe. And herd immunity? It just doesn’t exist in a world where people choose not to vaccinate their kids for idiotic reasons. And yes, I absolutely think you’re an idiot if you choose not to vaccinate.

Polio, measles and mumps are diseases that were eliminated in Canada and the United states. And now they’re making a STRONG comeback. Because of morons who won’t vaccinate their kids. Am I being harsh and opinionated? YOU BETCHA! If I sent my kid to play in a snakepit, someone would call Child Protective Services on me and my kids would be taken away. But sending your kids out unprotected against measles, mumps, polio, pertussis…. that’s just as dangerous, if not more. Because your kid is way more likely to contract one of those diseases – diseases that have killed tens of thousands of people – than my kid is of being bitten by a snake.

And for those of you who whine that it should be your choice? No, it shouldn’t, because if protecting your children from deadly diseases seems like a bad idea to you, then you’re clearly not capable of making intelligent choices. I am being harsh and opinionated and in-your-face because there is a growing trend of stubbornness surrounding the anti-vaccination movement, and it’s INCREDIBLY frustrating to the rest of us that this small group of people is using faulty logic disproven by science to endanger our children.