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Woo… that was a bit of a breathless week. I did mean to blog before I left, but I honestly couldn’t think of a thing to say that would have been more interesting than watching grass grow. (Grass…. there’s a thought. I never thought I’d miss grass, but I do right now!)

Last Friday, I left work a little bit early and drove to Syracuse so I could take the train to Rob’s house. I knew I’d have a bit of time before the train (it doesn’t leave until late), so I asked a friend of mine who lives in Syracuse if she wanted to do dinner before train time. She did, so we did, and it was awesome! We ate at Cantina Laredo, and the food was fab. We both had Ceviche as an appetizer and I swear, our eyes just about rolled out of our heads over how good it was. I love ceviche, but it’s hard to find where I live (We only have a few Spanish/Mexican places in town). SOOOO tasty. She had this amazing-looking mango cheesecake-y type thing for dessert (which I did not try for obvious reasons). Then Tricia headed home and I headed the two blocks over to the train station.

The train ride to Chicago was fairly uneventful. I didn’t get much sleep because I was too excited… that, and I met a nice fella around 3am who sat and chatted with me until almost 7am. He clearly needed someone to talk to, or rather, for someone to listen while he talked, and he’d been through some rough things. I listened, I hugged him, and then he wandered off to have a smoke while I went back to sleep. Rob was at the train station BRIGHT and early to pick me up, even though my train was nearly an hour late coming in, and from there, we headed off toward lunch and an awesome show. If you happen to be in the northern Chicago suburbs this weekend and want to see an excellent production, I highly recommend Spotlight Theater’s production of Hairspray at the College of Lake County in Grayslake. There are tickets left for the February 14th and 15th shows, which you can purchase here. (Oh, and if you are in the mood to drive out there to see a great show put on by some of the most talented kids I know, do me a favor and credit Catherine Roscher – one of the Spotlight kids – for the ticket sale? It’d help her out!)

Sunday was mostly spent cooking – I fill Rob’s freezer whenever I come visit, since he doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking (especially for one) and I sneak vegetables into his food this way! In the afternoon, we met up with his Genealogy Society friends for their biweekly writing group meeting. Basically, the point of this group is to get together and work on their life stories. Every two weeks, there’s a new topic. Everyone writes a couple of pages on the topic assigned, and we read our stories aloud to each other. It was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of side-discussion as well! Sunday night, Rob rented a movie, and I tried, I really desperately TRIED to stay awake to watch it, but … I only managed to see the first 30 minutes of Bullitt. I’ll confess now that I don’t think I’ll ever be a Steve McQueen fan… I find him very two-dimensional and boring in most of his movies. This one… well, we were lying down, and I had a nice warm blanket covering me, and…. nap time.

Monday, I headed home on the train with an impressively large group of Mennonites (I love hearing them speak – their language is so musical!), a lady with two extremely well-behaved little girls who had been on the train from Syracuse with me, and an unfortunate older lady who spent the entire 15-hour train ride arguing with herself. Loudly. Shrieking, at times. What can you do? I arrived back in Syracuse on Tuesday morning to find my car almost entirely buried in snow. *sigh* Photo to follow, because it really was a LOT of snow. I dug myself out, got on the road, had a quick lunch at Cracker Barrel (I know, I know… It’s not healthy, but it’s SOOO GOOOOD!) and got home just before the sun went down.

I’ve slowly been getting back into the routine around here, not a lot of knitting has seen the light of day – the baby blanket I’m working on saw a little bit of love on the train to Chicago, and none since. I’ve cast on a hat three times now and I’m just not feeling it, so it’s going to be frogged before it ever gets past the ribbing. I may try it again in a different yarn, because a shelter near my house has run out of winter wear to hand out to folks, and they need some hats and mitts. Here’s hoping my mojo comes back before we record the podcast on Saturday!