I woke up at 2am this morning to go pee, and as I was sitting there trying to wake up enough to go back to bed, I realized I could hear water dripping. Then I realized my foot was getting wet. I looked over and realized it was RAINING in my bathroom. The day could only go up from there, right?

A few years ago, we had some trouble with the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom issues. There was a very heavy-set, disabled fellow living upstairs at the time, and he had mobility issues that made it difficult for him to get in and out of the bathtub. Culmination of these difficulties was that the seal on the bathtub gave way and suddenly there was all kinds of water pouring down our bathroom wall into the apartments below us. The landlord got his usual handyman in to fix everything, and it seems he did his usual half-assed job, because suddenly, it’s happening again *sigh*

Can’t really complain about the last week and a bit though 🙂 It’s been pretty good! I’m working on finishing up square #3 of the Great American Aran Afghan project. Things are progressing apace! I did start a pair of socks to give me something of a palate cleanser when I get too burnt out on using huge needles on the blanket squares. Just a plain pair of vanilla 2×2 ribbed socks, based on the Yarn Harlot‘s Good Plain Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules. (It’s the only sock I knit, after having taken her Grok the Sock class a few years ago).

In recent weeks, I’ve been a knitting machine. Finished the Triangle Field shawl I was test knitting for Anja Krebber:

Triangle Field Shawl by Anja Krebber out of Julianna's Fibre Lucid Dreams Sock yarn in Luna colourway on size 6 (4mm) needles.

Triangle Field Shawl by Anja Krebber out of Julianna’s Fibre Lucid Dreams Sock yarn in Luna colourway on size 6 (4mm) needles.

I also finished the Zilver shawl by Lisa Mutch of NorthBound Knitting. I don’t have a finished picture of this yet, but I’ll get one soon. I ended up giving it to my mom as an early Mothers Day present, and she loved it! I also gave Rob’s mom the Kuura shawl by Milja Uimonen of Milja Designs that I finished a few months ago. I need to get a picture of that one too!

I don’t remember if I posted my Amanda Hat (by Gina House) when I finished it, but I finally also finished the matching cowl I improvised:

Amanda Cowl improvised from The Amanda Hat pattern by Gina House out of Classic Elite Jil Eaton Minnow Merino in Celery on size 9 (5.5mm) needles.

Amanda Cowl improvised from The Amanda Hat pattern by Gina House out of Classic Elite Jil Eaton Minnow Merino in Celery on size 9 (5.5mm) needles.

And a grand finale, I also finished the Lyn’s Round Ripple Baby Afghan I was crocheting from Lyn’s Designs out of Katia Mexico on a G (4mm) hook. I don’t have a finished picture of that either (because I’m a bad blogger). But I haven’t given it to the intended recipient yet, so I still have time with that one 🙂 (the cowl needs a good blocking and the ends woven in still, so I’ll show a better picture of that one later).

I’ve also been experimenting a bit in the kitchen (out of necessity)… basic bacon & eggs for breakfast yesterday, but for dinner, I had three teenagers to feed and very little food left in the house. I had a few chicken breasts lying around, some broccoli and a few random apples lying around. I heated a bit of chicken stock (about an inch) in a skillet, then tossed in the chopped broccoli and apples (not peeled). Added roughly chopped chicken breasts, some cumin & mint seasoning and a healthy dose of sriracha. I covered the pan and let it simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Had I served this on rice, it would have been a complete meal for anyone not Whole 30-ing. As it is, I served it as-is, and all three kids loved it! Wish I could show you a picture, but they ate it too quickly! For today’s lunch, I used the leftover stock to poach some butterflied pork chops and quartered mushrooms. SO good!!!!

Right now, things are starting to get a bit hectic in preparation for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I’ll be heading down with Sue of Two Tangled Skeins and our friends Elizabeth and Krystal. I can’t wait!!!!! We have a big podcasters meet-up every year on Saturday at 1pm near the corrals (where you can see the highway). Anyone who wants to come join us is more than welcome! This year we’ll be doing a little road trip to a yarn store in Alexandria, VA. More importantly, we’re going to be going back to our favorite restaurant in Frederick, MD – The Orchard!

I’m looking forward to ramping up canning in the next few weekends (after Maryland) before it gets too hot. I have a pile of produce in my freezer from last summer’s harvests and I’m looking forward to clearing it all out into delicious preserves! Stay tunes 🙂