It’s been a busy several months, knitting-wise. I’ve finished a lot of stuff, learned a few new techniques, and reduced my stash in one way, while increasing it (seemingly exponentially) in others. Being part of a podcast means we occasionally receive yarn to review. Thanks to a lovely lady named Stefanie (Handmade by Stefanie) at Stitchcraft Marketing, Sue and I are sent products, yarns, books, etc. and we love doing reviews!! Sometimes, our fantastic viewers are very generous and send us some pretty awesome yarns as well! We do giveaways, but one of the end results is that our stashes increase sometimes without our notice!

I think the last thing I showed you guys before I took a six-month hiatus was my Checkerboard Lace Scarf by Purl Soho.  It’s knit up in Bijou Basin Ranch Xanadu (100% cashmere) that was kind of like knitting with little wisps of cloud. SO soft and beautiful stitch definition! I finally finished it in December, but like the bad blogger/podcaster I am, I haven’t yet blocked it or photographed it properly. I do have several items to block, so I’ll probably “borrow” my wires from Sue’s house and get them done in the coming weeks.


Well, back in late November, I got it into my head that I needed to learn to crochet hats and mittens to produce them faster. I had knit a couple of Barley hats by Tin Can Knits and a Twelve Cables hat by Justyna Lorkowska, and they were taking too long. I based myself on the Better Late Than Never Beanies pattern by Kathy North and the Spiral Mittens pattern by Katie Chase. They were so quick and easy, I knocked out three complete sets in just a few weeks, and a few extra hats here and there. I’ve since added the Basic Bulky Beanie pattern by Janaya Chouinard to the mix, because I have a lot of single skeins of bulky yarn in my stash, and donated the lot to one of the refugee assistance groups who have a drop-off point at one of my local yarn shops.


2There have also been some other random hats – a Magdolna by Emily Matisz for my mom, made out of Sublime Yarns Angora Merino in the Ice Blue colorway, an improvised basic 2×2 ribbed hat for Rob out of Julianna’s Fibre MCN Worsted yarn in the Charcoal colorway (OMG buy this yarn, SO SOFT), and my current WIP, the F*ck the Cold hat by Knitty or Nice.


Some random socks – Plain vanilla socks (based on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock from the Knitting Rules book):


A couple of pairs of Pin-Striped Socks by Julia Swart, and a pair of Kick in the Pants socks by Lollipop Yarn. I can’t show you a picture of my current sock projects, since one of them is an original design I hope to publish once they’re done, and the other is a test knit for my friend Teresa of TGail Designs (I’ll show you those when the patterns come out).


Several shawls and scarves have come into existence, and I don’t have blocked photos of any of them, so just imagine a plethora of beautiful lace and non-lace shawls LOL I will get to the blocking and picture-taking soon, I swear! I’ve also still been working on my scrappy blanket, and have started a new cabled squares blanket using patterns by Tammy Eigeman Thompson.

I also have the Elven Pixie Baby Blanket by Tall Gal Knits on the needles at the moment, but there isn’t enough of it to bother taking a picture. I promise I won’t post anything quite this knitting-intensive in future, but I had several months to catch up on (I’ll show you guys the baby sweaters that got knit up when I manage to snag a picture of the third one with its adorable new owner wearing it!) I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things here or there, and I can’t possibly show you all the yarn I’ve acquired since I last talked about knitting, but you can keep up with all my exploits on the podcast, over at Two Tangled Skeins!